happiness list: highlights of the week

1. By Wednesday morning, I was dragging heavily. I still haven’t determined whether it’s allergies or a dreaded warm-weather cold (I think it’s both), but whatever it is, this orange-ginger-mint concoction knocks it out.  I never would have gone for such a combo, but in my hazy desperation, the “ginger” stuck out to me at a coffeeshop, and I fell so hard I found it at the grocery store later that day.

  2. The super-valid excuse to stay in bed today: rain.  Cold rain (well, 50-something degrees qualifies here in South Carolina) is practically Mother Nature prescribing stillness and softness. 3. Speaking of Mother Nature, these determined, wiry, speedy little sprouts have me excited for the incomparable tomatoes of high-summer July.  I’ve heard they’re to go in the ground on Good Friday (whenever that falls each year), but in my profession, that translates at least to Easter Monday–I’ve got other stuff going on next week!

a time to speak


a new dear friend, Lizzie, courageously shares her process and response to #blacklivesmatter Thank you, dear sister!

Originally posted on inside|out:

For months now, I have wanted to articulate my thoughts, feelings, opinions, and desires regarding racial injustice in our country, specifically the Black Lives Matter movement. There is so much I want to say. I want to list all of the views I have on each racially charged incident that has made the news in the last year. I want to make a Biblical argument for the importance of ethnicity. I want to show that an undeniable implication of the Gospel is racial reconciliation. I want to argue with every single ignorant and rude thing that I have seen posted on the internet recently, both by strangers and friends. There is so much I want to say. The problem is big: the oppression is deep, the injustices are real, the history is complicated, and the hope often seems lost. But what I have found is, although it may feel like a time…

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