home tour!

What fun it is to have your own home!  J & I are relishing the freedom (relative–we are renters…) of space & design in our first little abode.  I think i prefer this small canvas for now, not only does school take a lot out of one, but with freshly-painted, not-white walls, and lovely wood floors, the tweaks we desire to bring out this home’s best are manageable.  Welcome to our home…

  here is our living room/dining room (front door visible on the far side of the tv to the left).  Oh, and i forgot to mention, this home tour is a “where’s waldo” for Ben.  He wanted to help take photos (more accurately, like a child, he sometimes has “mommy days,” and man, has today been one of them…).

see Ben??  Thanks to the delicious fall air, the windows are open and all the SOUNDS are just the most fantastic thing to happen to Ben’s ears.  Another angle on the living room, taken near the front door.

the relatively clean kitchen.  my favorite part of this apartment (well, after the new appliances & hardwood floors) is the enormous windows with deep sills.  do you see the lovely tree outside, too?

you know, it’s harder than you’d think to get a decent, not-too-graphic shot of a bathroom.

notice the lovely windows, notice the crafty (handmade by wifey) throw pillows, notice the afternoon sun…

There is another bedroom, which serves as our office/study/sewing room, but J is in there, writing furiously at the moment, and it’s rather unsightly anyway.  Oh!  i forgot–there is one other room–the laundry room.  It’s even presentable, so i should publish the evidence:and our back door.  last weekend, we were away, but Ben was here with a friend.  Ben ended up alone–out of his crate–for a full day, but the house & he were no worse for wear (we did notice, however, that there were paw prints on the bed & sofa, two places he wouldn’t dream of going if we were around).  A sweet, sweet watch dog.

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