Clean-It-Out Recipes

Last year, when we moved from North Carolina to St. Louis, I didn’t make any particular effort to pare down my kitchen staples before we moved.  I figured that we packed it all up on a Monday, and by Thursday, it was in our new kitchen, we weren’t down any of our “usual” ingredients, and in the scheme of things, who cared if there were two more boxes?

Well, our move turned into a three-storage-unit (in two different locations!), six-week, several-thousand-dollar debacle, and I have decided to take the cupboard clean-out more seriously this time.

So, I have three recipes with flexible, short ingredient lists that I’ve made this week to provide some normalcy to the time of packing and purging, as well as to use up the ends and dregs of various kitchen supplies.  Enjoy!

2013-05-09 15.00.04

Peanutbutter Bon Bons

Pumpkin Bread

Granola Bars

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