Jesus is Our Flashlight

It’s the third day of VBS here at Trinity Cathedral, and we’re learning today about Jesus, the Light of the World. During our opening gather and worship time this morning, we sang “Walking in the Light of God,” and “Sanctuary;” I had the opportunity to talk with the group (of 200-some!!) about their theme today.

Behind the altar is this window, of Jesus and the little children:20130717-095322.jpg

What a powerful image for the VBS participants! Their faces shone in the morning sun that filtered through this window as they sat facing me; we talked about how you can stumble into things in the dark–you can stub your toes on your bed if it’s nighttime in your bedroom, or you can run into a tree if you’re playing in your backyard in the evening. One boy shouted, “Unless you have a flashlight!” (Bingo!!) Jesus is our flashlight–he helps us to see the world better. Jesus’ light helps us to not stub our toes and run into trees throughout life. We can see clearly enough to not hurt others, or to ask forgiveness when we do hurt them. Jesus-as-flashlight allows us to see where we should walk, and which path we shouldn’t take.

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