On Jesus “taking” a Life

Jesus gave his life.  God gave his Son. 

The Christian, Triune God does not take lives, or take away loved ones.  Death is not God taking someone, death is a problem we humans, in our sin, have made for ourselves.

God–Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, is in the resurrection business, not the death business.  God makes life out of death.

3 thoughts on “On Jesus “taking” a Life

    • Well, Ananias and Sapphira really mess up our idea of a peaceful, passive, buttercream-frosting sort of God, don’t they? 🙂 I wonder what would happen if 21st century Christians were so bold as to keep their brothers and sisters accountable for our wickedness, actually rebuking each other in love. Maybe then we’d have more sudden deaths… (and probably more healing miracles, too)

      what do you think?


      • Re-reading the passage more closely, I do see that it doesn’t make it clear that God killed them. Perhaps you’re on to something in regards to the community aspect and how things would be different if we lived as they did.


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