Happiness List

A stark departure from my morning’s post, but by looking at today’s entries, you get a pretty good idea of Who Emily Is–yes, it’s a curious and intense combination.  Pray for me.

1. an app that makes falling asleep, keeping track of my day, breathing deep, and staying calm all DOABLE (there are 10 or so free meditations that give you a sense of the offerings.  Dozens more meditations for lots of different subjects are available with a subscription–which I’ve bought & highly recommend.  I’ve never been asleep faster than when I use the “sleep”ones; they’re especially great for travel, late nights, or when your mind is spinning).


2. Quercus by Penhaligon’s.  You’ve probably experienced the great power of scent-memories; when I traveled to London in June, some of Penhaligon’s Lavandula was at the top of my international shopping list.  A promotion allowed me to try a new shower gel for free, and wanting to try something very different, the clerk suggested Quercus.  Without really meaning to, I used it almost exclusively through our travels–now a whiff of the scent takes me straight back to long evenings in little French towns, sunny days inside and outside cathedrals, and field after golden field as we drove through the countryside.

Scent-wise, it most reminds me of Cefiro, by Floris, another English perfumerie, another spicy unisex scent.  Quercus’ lively smell at the beginning fades to a comforting woodsy, mossy scent–perfect for late summer and the shift to fall.  2014-08-02 22.11.13

3. Sewing.  My dear little Singer, bought 3 years ago on Craigslist (oh, Durham Craigslist–and even more, St. Louis Craigslist!–I miss y’all!!), has taken the plunge into quilting with me.  For the perfectionist among us, quilting is exacting, but also artful.  Attacking my first quilt for a gift, as mentioned in last week’s Happiness List edition.IMG_0054.JPG

This morning, I also re-edited a skirt I made for our French adventure–you just can’t buy Julia-Child-style-frolicking-skirts anywhere anymore.



Happy weekend, friends!

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