cold remedies

Been fighting something nasty this week.  Just coming out of the tailspin now.  My experience compels me to pass along to you something to help stuffy sinuses and something to fend off aches and pains.

1. a hot drink (2 T raw Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 T honey, hot water)IMG_0165


2. yoga for colds  (via yoga journal)

2014-07-02 07.03.26

Then, when the oppressive virus begins to let up, try my ritual: take a shower and wash your bed linens.  Nothing makes you feel alive again like a good hot shower & fresh sheets!

2 thoughts on “cold remedies

  1. It hurts for a few seconds, half vinegar and water in a spray bottle or with a qtip in each nostril. Clears it right up. Also take airborne at the first sign of a cold three times a day.

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