A gratuitous food diary of the Minnesota State Fair

The Great Minnesota Get-Together, 2014.


My personal favorite, the thing I relish more than any other delicacy: $1, all-you-can-drink fresh milk (all-you-can-drink while you stay at their booth).  There is nothing like this milk.




The Scotch Egg.  I had no idea this was a thing outside of State Fairs until Bon Appetit told me it was the new “it” item of 2012.  My dad eats them with horseradish sauce, which I heartily second.  It comes on a stick; I split mine–gotta start slow…


My second-favorite fair item: the delicate, crunchy, warm little Tom Thumb donuts.  Never Tiny Tim donuts.  Never.


Fried Cheese Curds (it will be several years before I’m able to forget these enough to eat Culver’s’ version again).  To be bought from the booth in the Food Building.


Who can resist a Pronto Pup?  Corndog–but the batter is so much better.


Cheers to being over 21 at the Fair!  Minnesota’s finest microbrews.


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