Guest Post: Take Off Your Shoes, Take Up The Cross

shared this sermon with the 7:30am crowd this morning. I said to myself, “If we still read John Chrysostom out during sermon-time, I can surely read Kara Slade during sermon-time!” Best words on these passages that I’ve heard.

Jerusalem to Jericho

When she posts to a blog, Kara Slade most often posts to Profligate Grace, so I am glad to have the opportunity to post this sermon of hers on my own blog tonight!
SPOILER ALERT: This is the sermon that Kara will be preaching at St. Stephen’s Episcopal in Oxford, NC tomorrow morning (31 August 2014) – so don’t read it before then if you have the chance to go hear her deliver it live! 🙂

NB – Kara nicely footnoted all her references, but they didn’t transfer over very easily when I pasted her text in here, so I’ve done my usual version of footnoting on this blog, using links to refer you to the works she is citing.

Take Off Your Shoes, Take Up the Cross

A sermon given by the Rev. Dr. Kara N. Slade at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Oxford, NC, on the Twelfth Sunday…

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