quotation of the day: julian of norwich



As truly as God is our Father, so just as truly is he our Mother.
In our Father, God Almighty, we have our being;
In our merciful Mother we are remade and restored.
Our fragmented lives are knit together.
And by giving and yielding ourselves, through grace,
To the Holy Spirit we are made whole.
It is I, the strength and goodness of Fatherhood.
It is I, the wisdom of Motherhood.
It is I, the light and grace of holy love.
It is I, the Trinity.
I am the sovereign goodness in all things.
It is I who teach you to love.
It is I who teach you to desire.
It is I who am the reward of all true desiring.
All shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well. Amen.

As offered (CLICK to listen) (2nd track) by the Trinity Cathedral Adult Choir, 10 May, 2015

What does it mean that God teaches us to desire, and is indeed the reward of all true desiring?

1 thought on “quotation of the day: julian of norwich

  1. To pose one answer to the question: my experience in life tells me that loneliness and separation cause the most emotional pain for human beings. God created us but we became separated from God. As a result we long for that sense of wholeness and connection which comes from unification with him. We often fail to realize this and fail to seek God out either because we don’t know how to go about it or we refuse to try. Too often we ignore the need for spiritual development thinking that our wholeness can be found in our relationships with others or in the acquisition of material things. When our personal relationships fail or become broken we suffer terribly and wonder why we are in so much pain. Our true desiring is to be reunited with God and we desire to be reunited with him above all else. Prayer and spiritual development move us toward reunification with our maker which is our true desiring. God has created our desiring by creating us and fulfills our true desiring as we move to reunite with him. And when we move to become reunited with him “All shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well. Amen”


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