happiness list: 5.27.15

happiness lists are a way of practicing gratitude on Wednesday mornings, reflecting on the past week’s joyous moments.  these posts are offered as an encouragement to notice and celebrate the precious little moments of your own life and maybe to even attribute them as a supernatural gift…

1. desk

after unwillingly abandoning my drafting table in St. Louis, it’s taken two years to be ready to love another desk.  these legs had me at hello.

2. friends

the greatest gift of this house is its front porch; the second-greatest gift is how friends feel comfortable to invite themselves over and turn up the tunes.

3. quilt

still playing with the sunset theme, but at a higher resolution.  sweet machine now needs a tune-up (seven years since acquiring it on craigslist for less than $50, I’d say it’s earned its keep).


photo via Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen

4. burger

smittenkitchen‘s “fake shack” burger has been on my mind for weeks; last night it lived up to all expectations and was surprisingly quick & easy to execute (now must try shake shack sometime…).


5. running

a unexpected side effect of early morning light & a medication change: a renewed penchant for running.  poor pup is taking longer to acclimate than my muscles.

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