happiness list: 6.3.15

happiness lists are a way of practicing gratitude on Wednesday mornings, reflecting on the past week’s joyous moments.  these posts are offered as an encouragement to notice and celebrate the precious little moments of your own life and maybe to even attribute them as a supernatural gift…

1. rain

This week has been full of rain–which I love–and last night the opportunity got the better of me.  Who doesn’t need to dance in the rain every once in awhile?

2. yin yoga

This week I’ve rediscovered the calm & joy of yin yoga –purposely being still in a pose for several minutes, noticing sensations and practicing a calm mindset in the midst of something that might be a little uncomfortable.  Good lesson for life, surely!

 3. friendship

What a delight to see the developing relationship between Ben & cat Frances.  His trepidation and her practiced nonchalance are the best comedy routine.

4. library

A free pass to inspiration in cooking & literature!  Aren’t libraries wonderful things?  Gluten-free baking & Mary Oliver–a happy week, indeed.

1 thought on “happiness list: 6.3.15

  1. A wonderful expression of thanksgiving. And reminiscent of Gene Kelly (or more appropriately Leslie Caron) singing in the rain and happy again!


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