Quotation of the Day

“Of course, we tend to forget the big picture and focus on the minor details.  We take the world and our existence, even Jesus, for granted, and we concentrate on the parts that seem to go wrong.  We discover our family isn’t as happy or straightforward as other families, and we look for someone to blame, one of our parents perhaps.  We find ourselves isolated from the way other people are woven into God’s story, and so we take to imagining that we have a level of pain or hurt that is so much greater than anyone else’s, and until that pain is heard and listened to and understood and affirmed, we refuse to trust or engage or enjoy the bigger story at all.  To a life that is mired in resentment, gratitude is a stranger.  But the only medicine for a life turned in on itself is rediscovering the art of saying thank you.”

from Learning to Dream Again, Sam Wells (p 167)

Quotation of the Day – Amy Grant

Amy Grant Behind the Eyes“It takes a little time sometimes
To get your feet back on the ground
It takes a little time sometimes
To get the Titanic turned back around
It takes a little time sometimes
But baby you’re not going down
It takes more than you’ve got right now
Give it, give it time”

From the 1997 classic, “Takes a Little Time,” by Amy Grant, on her album, “Behind the Eyes”

Two thoughts:
1. Countless hours were spent blasting this from my CD stereo in the driveway, while I choreographed dance routines on my Roller Blades.  So you think you’re a child of the 90’s?

2. Almost 20 years ago, these words reminded me that everything in my adolescent life would be okay, they were my rosary.  Now, they speak to this young woman’s heart, reminding me again how long and slow life sometimes seems, and that maybe that’s a good thing.

How an Atheist Became a Priest: The Persuasiveness of Simple Things

A Desert Father

I am a fan of Ricky Gervais.  I have loved the BBC version of the Office longer than I have been a practicing Christian.  I followed Ricky on Facebook a number of years ago and his posts generally amuse me.  Yet, occasionally, he posts some fairly vitriolic anti-Christian items. He is an avowed atheist who seems to consider religion with about the same level of charity as Hitchens and Dawkins.  Sometimes this frustrates me to no end.  Ricky also often posts about human rights and animal rights and part of me wants to shout to him that some of the most vocal and effective proponents of both are people of faith.

Yet, I can’t always shake my feeling that sometimes, somehow, he has it right.  I don’t mean that he has it right that somehow religion is an awful and fruitless thing.  Or maybe I do mean that, I suppose.

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