Quotations of the Day: Out of the Mouths of Babes

“We’re like stained glass windows; God shines through us, and even though we can’t see him, like we can’t see light, the windows sort of make light visible like we sort of make God visible in the world!”IMG_2174

“I hear God when other people talk to me, because God is in them.”

“I was thinking about the places where Bible stories happen–like people go away to the mountains to experience God, but then they go to the beaches and to fishing and they are with other people.  I think both are important parts, we need both of those in our lives–the quiet and the camaraderie.”

“It’s kind of like ‘newspeak’ in 1984; if we don’t use the language we have from choir and church to talk about God, then we forget the words and how to articulate who God is.”

quotations from choir camp, we’ve got theologians on this mountain top!

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