Happiness List

a banner week.

1. spending the better part with the dear choristers of Trinity Cathedral, noticing and calling out God’s work in their lives (it didn’t hurt that we were all in the NC mountains).2013-10-01 19.21.02

We had hardly all arrived, but I was re-dubbed “Momma Hylden” (from “Mother Hylden”–the former was ‘more southern,’ they told me) and a daily hang-out in the outdoor chapel, christened “Moments with Momma Hylden” was born.  Those were truly my favorite moments of the week; witnessing the connections young minds and hearts made amongst music, worship, vocation, offering, community, and Scripture.  A few of the light-bulb moments are captured in Quotations of the Day from earlier this week.

2. (1a.) Playing in rain, mud, and pudding with chaperones & youths alike.  Nothing like summer camp for reminding one that laughter is not only good medicine, but a window into God’s heart.

2014-08-04 15.12.21 HDR

3. And last, but by no means least–tomorrow, one of my dearest friends gets married (it doesn’t hurt that it’s in Durham!).  2012-11-29 08.06.37
We found each other during transitional moments in both our lives–wondering where we belonged, suspecting we each were called to a life that didn’t look a lot like what we’d known our lives to be in the past.  We were confirmed in the Episcopal Church together, together we’ve wondered about what to do with our lives, and as she stood up with me and my beau when we tied the knot more than three years ago, I’m so eager and full of joy to do the same with her.I’m working on a quilt (you may have seen bits on instagram) as a wedding present; I’m especially grateful for that old “you’ve got a year after the wedding to send a gift” rule!

Godspeed this weekend, y’all.

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