happiness list

the return of happy things from my week to christen the weekend!

(1) -13-degree weather on Monday morning & 53-degree weather on Friday afternoon. Modern marvels of travel,  nd also the blessedness of lots of places to call “home.”  I truly mean it–both the -13 (because it reminds me where I come from and where I still belong, and how tough I can be!) and the 53 (what Midwesterner can’t count it a downright honor to go sock-less in February, with sunshine on my neck?)

(2) my grandfather’s good, good death on Monday afternoon.  We’ve all got to do it sometime, and he held on (in declining health) a good, long while.  He’d always said in his last weeks that he didn’t want to be alone when he died, and it ended up that his wife and all his children were there with him at the last breath.  His obituary.

(3) Tuesday afternoon, my job called for baking with a 13-year-old.  We made Mimi Thorisson‘s Sarah Bernhardt Cakes, and I’ve been enjoying them all week.

What made you smile this fickle last week of February?

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