Happiness List: Easter Week

1. Newly recovered vintage chair cushions; took 4 hours, cost $6.  Feeling of accomplishment? Priceless.  And just in time for the Second Annual Easter Day Garden Party (bringing a bit of the garden inside)!

Two sets of twins, one pair almost a year old, the other set at four months, graced the party; there’s nothing sweeter than a little four-month-old body snuggled up, sleeping in your arm–I almost didn’t give her back (but then she woke up…).

2. Lots of cooking & preaching this week, and lots of low-key-living-in-community.  It’s amazing and wonderful how people from different churches, parts of the world, and life stages can manage to live together, helping each other and the group without cajoling, supporting each other without meddling, and all this with only Jesus in common.

3. Doing all that community-living, reflecting, and preaching-witnessing at a cabin tucked in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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