recent reading


Blogs & books which’ve been inspiring me:

1. a blog post about loving & living with the mentally ill.

Earlier this week, it was exactly what I needed to read, as I often struggle with the expectation I feel to accept the reality as it is, and I just can’t/don’t know how to.  I realize it’s an illness, something to work on and treat, but it’s also a harbinger of other illnesses and brokenness around me; it’s not just me.

2. Hannah Coulter, by Wendell Berry.

A friend suggested, in my quest to habituate my head more healthfully (avoid despair), that I read some Wendell Berry fiction; I’m working my way through this, as my first Berry read, and while it’s a slow book–I think that’s a big part of the point–the rhythm and vivid description are transporting any time I crack it open.

3. Momofuku Cookbook, or buy your own!  (borrowed this from my aunt)

Cookbooks are amazing bedtime reading.  Who knew?  I’m totally captivated by the ramen (broth) recipe.  Living in my gluten-free moment (I live in true hope and expectation that it is not a permanent condition), I was so gratified to find their shrimp & grits recipe, a dish that changed my life last time I visited them in the East Village.

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