happiness list

1. yoga & early-rising…

Oftentimes, this introvert dreads and dreads social plans I’ve made, regretting the “yes” I’ve given, setting my teeth and powering through people time.  I was surprised & curious to notice that the 6am yoga-class plan I’d made with a new friend this week was something that I was eager to arrive.  The energy I felt driving through my little town as light started to paint the sky felt both familiar and new.  Maybe, as I’m waiting for a new dawn in my own life, I’m reconnecting to my life-long early riser energy.

2. amazing banana bread

After a disastrous (read: required oven-cleaning) gluten free banana bread incident over the weekend, I purposely bought 7 spotty bananas to head back to the kitchen and try again on Saturday night.  Calling on my old favorite recipes I abandoned Julia’s method (which had turned out weird-looking last August anyway) and opted for Deb Perelman’s version, plus a game-time addition of dark chocolate chips.  For GF baking, I’ve been using the baking mix by Minimalist Baker recently, with much success.  It doesn’t hurt that the buckwheat flour makes me feel virtuous and healthful (in a good way).

 3. learning new things from good friends

Last week, I learned to weld.  I also used a compound miter saw(!) for the first time, to help a friend complete a commissioned table.  Doing something intensely physical got me out of my own head space–and there was something to show for it–let alone learning new skills.  Even my husband can’t weld!

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