Chicken & Rice Soup


A few months ago, I made Dinner: A Love Story’s taco soup (from their first cookbook).  The part that threw me the most was a suggested topping: fresh sliced avocado.  Doesn’t avocado go in guacamole?  It’s a best-served-cold vegetable (fruit!), isn’t it?  My friends–be ready to be amazed: fresh sliced avocado is the best thing ever in chicken soup.

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gluten free roundup 2


yikes–one month in already!  Except for a slip of beer (I was so curious to know what J’s new brew tasted like, I forgot it had gluten in it…) and a decision to not be crazed about whether things like salad dressing or oatmeal have gluten in them, it hasn’t been very difficult at all.  Here are a few of my favorite things, now that I’m practically a pro:

1. butternut squash soup, above.

2. french toast – using udi’s bread, and if you forget to put the best part (the spices!) in the egg batter, sprinkle them in the syrup before you warm it up (everyone warms up their maple syrup, right?)  Warm up your non-stick skillet, combine 2 eggs & about 1/4-1/3 cup milk, 1/2 t cinnamon & 1/8 t nutmeg–if you remember to!, and whip them good.  Soak the bread for a few minutes on each side (mine came straight from the freezer, so it could use a healthy dose batter).  Then cook on medium heat for 2-4 minutes on each side.  It tastes just the same, at least to me!

3. oatmeal (five-minute oatmeal from A Beautiful Mess)- as the mornings get cooler, I relish a warm breakfast; oatmeal is my favorite, especially because the toppings are endless!  Of course, The Refectory’s Baked Oatmeal is a fave, too.

4. spaghetti squash carbonara – Jordan headed to North Dakota last week to see his family, and before he left I made a hot-dish to help him acclimate to the Upper Midwest.  Unfortunately, I liked it about as much as my camera did (if anyone knows how to make hot-dish photos look hot, let me know):IMG_0372

5. kale salad (Official version) – LIVING on this (my bastardized version).  Quinoa is the bomb.

IMG_03486. No-Bake Cookies  via A Beautiful Mess; a Midwestern classic & fave of mine since childhood.  What a chance that there isn’t any gluten in them–no substitutions needed!

IMG_03927. Roast Veggies & Polenta: chop up whatever’s in your fridge–broccoli, peppers, tomatoes (please don’t store them in your fridge!), onions, carrots, combine with olive oil, salt & pepper, and roast at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes.  In the meantime, prepare some polenta–hint: it’s just grits, yellow cornmeal in boiling water, stir in some cream cheese or goat cheese at the end, if you’re feeling fancy.


P.S. check out my gluten free roundup #1, and my new recipes page!

gluten-free roundup number 1


(a little reminder to help me in my first week)

1. gluten-free gnocchi & 2. spicy pork ragu  the latter is a fail-safe favorite, first made for a cold, dark, windy Valentine’s Day in St. Louis; the gluten-free gnocchi, at least this recipe, wasn’t super successful (as in, keeping it stuck-together), but I’m curious to try this one next time.

3. veggie pasta a favorite from pre-gluten-free days, because it’s so veggie-rich.IMG_0280-2

4. apple and raspberry crumble (I subbed oat flour for the regular flour, and made about 1/2 recipe–just 4 apples, etc, for a smaller batch)

5. raspberry oat muffins I used oat flour instead of regular flour in the recipe, and put the batter in a muffin tin (baked for 20 minutes) instead of a loaf pan.  Though the muffins were more delicate, they firmed up enough to handle as they cooled down, and I love the oat-y texture.

6. chocolate meringues a naturally gluten-free dessert, a la Manger, my favorite French cooking & lifestyle blog.


7. vegan brownies another pre-gluten-free favorite that has made the jump naturally–an easy, easy use for languishing bananas.