gluten-free roundup number 1


(a little reminder to help me in my first week)

1. gluten-free gnocchi & 2. spicy pork ragu  the latter is a fail-safe favorite, first made for a cold, dark, windy Valentine’s Day in St. Louis; the gluten-free gnocchi, at least this recipe, wasn’t super successful (as in, keeping it stuck-together), but I’m curious to try this one next time.

3. veggie pasta a favorite from pre-gluten-free days, because it’s so veggie-rich.IMG_0280-2

4. apple and raspberry crumble (I subbed oat flour for the regular flour, and made about 1/2 recipe–just 4 apples, etc, for a smaller batch)

5. raspberry oat muffins I used oat flour instead of regular flour in the recipe, and put the batter in a muffin tin (baked for 20 minutes) instead of a loaf pan.  Though the muffins were more delicate, they firmed up enough to handle as they cooled down, and I love the oat-y texture.

6. chocolate meringues a naturally gluten-free dessert, a la Manger, my favorite French cooking & lifestyle blog.


7. vegan brownies another pre-gluten-free favorite that has made the jump naturally–an easy, easy use for languishing bananas.

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