Happiness List: Good Friday Edition


I offer this afternoon a few pieces of art for contemplation, instead of the usual trappings of my happiness lists.  These efforts have invited me into the drama, depth, and grace of Holy Week in a new way this year, for which I am grateful. Continue reading

happiness list


1. PastrixNadia Bolz-Weber‘s memoir.  Not only did it make the trip back from NYC painless, but it’s inspired me to take on a project for NaNoWriMo. Somewhere on the internets last week, I read the suggestion to write about whatever you want to for NaNoWriMo, to write in any way you want–this first-born rule-follower hadn’t thought of that!  My plan is to insert God anywhere I can in my lifetime of memories, especially in my relationships.  Nadia’s witness has made me reflect on the person of Jesus and his particularity more than I have been recently, and I’m excited to find and insert Jesus in all the dear people whose relationships have made me who I am.  Thank you, dear people in my life, for being used by God, whether you knew it or not! (whether I knew it or not!)

I’d love for you to join me–thinking about your past, considering how God might have been at work in events, people, relationships, and times in your life–maybe we could even post some here to share.


2. A super sweet surprise box of bath-time fun when I arrived home, a week out from the accident (I’m fine; the car is not so much).


3. Sisters on the Runway–last week in NYC, my super fashionable brother took me to my first ever fashion show!  It was icing-on-top that SOTR is a charitable group that both helps young designers (students at Parsons) get their work out in the world, and supports good work in the world, last week, we raised money for domestic violence awareness.


4. This past week hosted National Cat Day, or some such; I celebrated with our used-to-be scaredy-cat, Lion, who has come to be super sweet and affectionate in the last year (since she and her litter-sister, Frances, found us last October).  Good pictures are hard to find!

What’s making you smile this weekend?

happiness list


1. I’m alive & well!  I was in a car accident last night, and was able to walk away from it (maybe more later, maybe not).  It was an honor to wake up this morning, feed my menagerie, make a cup of tea, and sit quietly–like “normal.”

2. a section from Learning to Dream Again that I read this week, which challenged me to respond to others’ sin and shortcomings with grace–not with resentment, or with justice, or even with mercy, but with grace (more than justice & mercy–complete forgiveness and acceptance).


light through the West window at Evening Prayer this week; Trinity Cathedral, Columbia, South Carolina

3. autumn sunshine.  There’s something warm, quiet, reflective, and somehow cool at the same time, about the light this time of year.

happiness list


1. Sam Smith.

This man’s music has been the soundtrack to an intense week.  Having started listening to him (inspired by NPR) when I was traveling this summer, his music is an instant pick-me-up.

2. the lemon gingertini.  Clearly, inspiration lurks everywhere: after sampling this cocktail at LAB last week, I came home and immediately bought an intense amount of ginger to recreate it.  Here’s the recipe I’ve settled:

0.75 oz lemon juice (why not make it fresh?  It’s about 1 lemon for 2 drinks)

0.75-1 oz ginger syrup (1 cup water, 1 cup sugar, about 10 inches chopped fresh ginger–in a saucepan on medium head.  Let the sugar dissolve, then let the ginger steep for 45 minutes or so–low or no heat–and strain.  Keep in the fridge)

2 oz gin


3. The intense week.  This was my favorite.  Truly.  I had super meaningful breakfast, lunch, coffee, and dinner dates with dear people who challenge and inspire me; they remind me that I do this work because my deepest joy is listening to God with others.  As I told one of them, “If I didn’t have a job, if I wasn’t paid, for fun–I’d just make lunch dates with friends and hear about what God is doing in their lives.”